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Product categories

Original Honda bike parts
Original parts for specific bikes and models. Here you can find exploided views for your Z50, ST70 and all the other minibikes from the Honda family
Engines & Accessories
Here you will find tuning parts (cam shafts, head kits, bore kits), complete engines, Honda original engine parts, chinese engine parts etc.
Frame, body & accessories
Bike exteriors such as decals & emblems, sidecovers, frames, grab bars, racks, handle bars, Barstep, foot pegs and stands, fenders etc
Fuel tanks & accessories
Fuel tanks, gas caps, fuel taps etc
Rims, tyres and accessories
Here you will find a wide selection of rims. We have 8", 10" and 12" rims in different widths and looks.
Carbs & Accessories
Carbs, intake manifolds, air filters, jets, overhaul kits etc
Electrics & Ignition
Ignition parts, Wiring looms, light parts, switches, batterys etc
Exhausts & Accessories
Original and performance exhausts. Spare parts.
New bikes - Dax, Monkey, Gorilla & PBR
New bikes from Zhenhua. There is also custom built bikes available.
Brakes & Accessories
Hubs, drumbrake parts and disc brake parts
Monkey, Dax, Gorilla seats and seat covers
Front forks & Accessories
Front forks - drum and discbrake, and spares.
Shock absorbers & Accessories
Shocks in lengths from 210mm-335mm. To fit your Dax, PBR, Monkey or any other bike.
Sprockets & Chains
Chains, rear and front sprockets to fit Dax, Monkey & PBR, and spares.
Swing arms
Alloy swing arms and original swing arms to fit Monkey, Dax & PBR
Oil coolers & Catch tanks
Oil coolers, take off plates, breather kits, catch tanks etc
Work Shop
Specialverktyg, verkstadstillbehör mm.
Miscellaneous parts
Used Honda parts
Used parts to Monkey and Dax